Startup Consultancy

I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that startups face in today’s dynamic business landscape.

That’s why I offer specialised startup consultancy services designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the journey from idea to successful business launch.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale your startup, I am here to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way.

Strategic Approach

I help businesses achieve greatness through specific areas of support. What can I help you with?

Business Planning & Strategy

I’ll work closely with you to develop a comprehensive business plan and strategy that outlines your vision, mission, target market, value proposition, and competitive positioning. Whether you’re seeking funding or planning to bootstrap your startup, I’ll create a roadmap to success that aligns with your goals and objectives.

Market Research & Validation

Understanding your target market and validating your business idea is essential for success. I will conduct in-depth market research to assess market size, demand, competition, and potential barriers to entry. I’ll help you identify your target audience, refine your value proposition, and validate your business concept to ensure market viability.

Development & MVP

Bringing your product or service to market requires careful planning and execution. I’ll assist you in developing a minimum viable product (MVP) strategy that allows you to validate your product concept with real users while minimising time and resources. From ideation and prototyping to beta testing and iteration, I’ll help you iterate quickly and efficiently to bring your vision to life.

Operational Setup & Scaling

As your startup grows, so do the complexities of running your business. I’ll help you navigate the operational challenges of scaling your startup, from hiring and team building to process optimisation and technology implementation. Whether you’re expanding your team, entering new markets, or launching new products, I’ll provide the strategic guidance and support you need to succeed.

How we work together

Initial Consultation & Needs Assesment

I’ll start by conducting an initial consultation to understand your startup’s goals, challenges, and needs. This will help me tailor my services to meet your unique requirements and objectives.

Bespoke Consultancy Plan

Based on my assessment, I’ll develop a customised consultancy plan that outlines the specific services and deliverables I’ll provide to support your startup’s success. Whether you need assistance with business planning, market research, product development, or fundraising, I’ll create a roadmap to guide our collaboration.

Implementation & Execution

Once the consultancy plan is finalised, I’ll work closely with your team to implement and execute the recommended strategies and initiatives. This may involve conducting market research, developing business plans, creating MVPs, or preparing investor pitches, depending on your startup’s needs.

Ongoing Support & Guidance

My support doesn’t end once the consultancy project is complete. I’ll provide ongoing support and guidance to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise as your startup grows. Whether you need advice on strategic decision-making, assistance with operational challenges, or introductions to potential investors or partners, I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

Success Measurement & Evaluation

We’ll measure the success of our consultancy services based on predefined key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives. This may include metrics such as market validation, revenue growth, customer acquisition, or fundraising success. We’ll regularly evaluate progress against these metrics and make adjustments as needed to ensure that we’re driving tangible results for your startup.

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